Many customers including myself have encountered very poor service from during the past few months. Customer service has been non-existent and has not property satisfied anyones questions regarding, service interruptions, payment issues, etc.

This message is to alert any future customers that the current service is not desirable and to be cautious of signing up, if you still would like to become a member please choose the cheapest package to test the service out for yourself. This message will continue to appear until I receive satisfactory answers from customer service. is a IPTV service that streams Indian channels from multiple time zones to your browser or Roku device.  They offer various packages to suite your price range and viewing needs, and are one of the few Tamil channel providers that offer service to a Roku device.  In this review I will cover my experiences with quality, reliability, viewing options, content & pricing and overall service and support from this provider.


Viewing experience various depending on distance and compression just like any other video stream.  The closer you are the more pixelated the video looks, same goes with, since it’s a IPTV broadcast the video stream is compressed to save on bandwidth, the pixelation is greater than what you would see if the broadcast was over cable or satellite tv.

If you are viewing the video right in front of you in a browser on your computer the video is going to seem mediocre.  The content is definitely viewable but keep in mind you will see the imperfections, pixelation and fuzz of a low bandwidth stream due to being so close to the screen.

If your setup consists of hooking up your computer to a TV like in a living room environment, where you would be sitting on the couch at least 6+ feet away from the TV, this would provide the best optimal viewing experience.  Due to the distance the imperfections, pixelation and fuzz of the video stream are drastically reduced and the video content looks crisp and sharp comparable to what you would expect from a cable or satellite feed.

Audio quality can be comparable to what you would expect from streaming music, it has enough to create a good listening experience but won’t win any awards from the audiophiles.

Below are multiple screenshots of what you can expect from the browser experience (click image to view full size). browser screening screenshot 1 browser screening screenshot 2 browser screening screenshot 3 browser screening screenshot 4 browser screening screenshot 5


I’ve been using as my IPTV provider for about 3 years and overall I have been satisfied, the service has definitely gotten much more robust and reliable over the years.  Initially there was alot of skipping and service interruptions, but those issues have been resolved for the most part.  There are times when streams do skip but not for a very long period, you will see weeks of no service issues then you might experience a day or two where it’s just relentless skipping.  

Some of these issues could also be due to your own internet connection if you have alot of devices and individuals using internet bandwidth in your household there will be skipping in the video stream.  From my experience the video stream needs a constant 75-150 KB/s to provide a constant uninterrupted experience.

Viewing Options

Like the examples above you have multiple viewing options depending on what works for your viewing needs.  Any computer with a modern browser is enough to access and view content.  My setup consists of a MediaCenter PC that is hooked up to my wall mounted LCD TV, this provides a great viewing experience from the comforts of the couch.  But since you can access the content from any browser enabled device, you can practically sit anywhere you have access to the internet (i.e. desktop computer, laptop, tablet) etc. 

Your other option is a Roku device that would connect to your TV and provide the remote controlled viewing experience.  Please keep in mind that not all channels available in the browser viewing option are available on the Roku device, some channels are not available at the moment but are being added slowly.  If you are interested in this approach you can view my related articles below :

  • Roku HD Review : Link

Content & Pricing (No Contract) 

  • Tamil Package A  ($9.99 /month) : Sun TV, Star Vijay (Vijay TV), News 9, Minnal TV Hits HD and Minnal TV Movies.
  • Tamil Package B  ($14.99 /month) : Star Vijay (Vijay TV), Minnal TV Hits HD, Minnal TV Movies, Minnal TV Kids, Isai Aruvi and Kalaignar TV.
  • Tamil Package C  ($19.99 /month) : Star Vijay (Vijay TV), Sun TV, Kalaignar TV, Isai Aruvi, Tamil One, Siripolli, Raj TV, Raj Musix, Makkal TV, Moon TV, Win TV, Polimer, Tamilan TV, News 9, Imayam, Seithigal, Channel Ufx, Minnal TV Cinema, Minnal TV Classic, Minnal TV Comedy, Minnal TV Hits HD, Minnal TV Music, Minnal TV Movies, Minnal TV Kids, Minnal TV Vellithirai and Minnal TV Vannathirai.
  • Hindi Package  ($12.99 /month) : 24×7 Live Star One, Star Plus, Zee Cinema, MTV India, TV Asia, NDTV 24×7, UTV Movies, NDTV Good Times, Sahara Filmy, Channel Ufx, Star Gold and Star News.
  • Asianet Package  ($14.99 /month) : 24×7 Live Asianet, Asianet Plus, Jeevan TV, Amrita TV, Surya TV, Gemini TV, Savarna News, Asianet News, Channel Ufx and People TV.

Membership payments are handled through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account to register.

The major channels are usually always online and work without issues (i.e Sun TV, Vijay TV) etc.  The less known channels like Minnal collection and others are a hit or miss, there is no garuntee that it will work.  So if you’re looking for the major networks for your viewing you shouldn’t have any issues but don’t count on the smaller channels to always be available.

Overall Service & Support

After roughly 3 years of being a customer at, I am still continuing my membership because they provide the best overall channel selection to price comparison, as well as device compatibility.  There are a few times when service is interrupted which can happen to any service provider but all in all they have quenched my thirst for Indian channel content.

Customer support is a hit or miss, I have had to contact them a few times regarding service interruption or basic channel questions and never received a reply.  But when I did have an issue with my Roku device connecting to my account, I did receive a reply back in about 7 days after submittig a support ticket.  So they are monitoring their support tickets but just replying to specific questions.  So don’t count on fast and reliable customer support if there is an issue.

Due to a no contract membership you are free to cancel anytime and the cancellation process is very simple and can be done in your “my account” section on the website.  So give the service a try for yourself.


If you found my review helpful, please support my site by using the following affiliate links to sign up :

  • Lakshmanan


    I am trying to get this service. I have few questions

    1. I dont see the channel in roku channel store. How do i add it?
    2. Do they have vod for sun and vijay tv also (for the $10 package). Do you know?

    Thanks in advance

    • Anonymous


      You will need to login to your Roku account online. There will be a option for add private channel. Enter “watchsuntv” and accept, now you will see the channel on your Roku device channel list. Follow the on screen setup after you enter the channel to link it to your account, its very easy.

      There is no VOD that I know of for this service.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Lakshmanan

        Thanks for the reply. Do you know if they offer any trial. I dont see it in their website.

        I want to try it before buying it.


        • Anonymous


          No they don’t have any trial periods at the moment that I know of.


          • priyanka

            I am using Roku and watchsuntv hindi package but can only see three to four channels only. Rest of the channels (Sony, zee tv, colors , b4u movies etc.) just do not work with Roku at all. Any advice would be appreciated.

          • Anonymous


            Do the channels show up on the Roku unit as available channels and its just not connecting or do they not show up at all?

          • priyanka

            All the channels show up. Never all of the channels work at any given time.

          • Anonymous


   support sent out an email earlier this week relating to service interruptions, they are working on a fix so it should be fixed very soon.

          • Sataruna

            Hi Madu, I am planning to subscribe Watchsuntv to use in Roku, Can you please tell us if all the problems are solved now. I am more interested in Minnal channels, would you confirm that through Roku we can watch Minnal movie channels?

          • Sataruna,

            Service has been better with the updates to their ISP. I mainly watch SunTV and VijayTV and not much of the other channels so I can’t confirm 100%, but when I do play them from time to time they work without any issues.

          • Sataruna

            Thanks Madhu for the quick response, One more question, Are Minnal Channels viewable through Roku. I am looking for Minnal Vannathirai/Movies/Cinema/Vellithirai

          • Sataruna,

            Yes I was referring to Minnal channels on my last comment, they are available, I just don’t watch them much but when I do they work fine.

          • TPAGUY

            Tamil iptv has minnal channels and work pretty good

          • GRV

            Please raise a requst to the support team. I did for few tamil channels and then added the channels later.

  • Navaneeth

    I subscribed to site few days back. I see a lot of buffering related issue with most of the channels – specifically in the morning time (PST). I have 12 Mbps speed internet connection and a quite decent PC with 4GB RAM. Have you faced any buffering issue? Any tips for better video viewing experience.

    — Navaneeth

    • Anonymous


      Are you watching on the Roku or thru the browser?

      • Navaneeth

        right now i am watching thru browser – i’ve tried all top 3 browsers. I use a Belkin N150 wireless router. i also tried directly connecting the system to the Internet connection. Still facing buffering issues.

        • Anonymous


          Seems like it’s a server side issue. I have noticed the browser based viewing has buffering issues from time to time but watching from the Roku device never has an issue. So seems like the two methods have different servers streaming the content.

          Sorry I really can’t provide any other tips as I primarily watch on the Roku device and not on the browser. What I would suggest is open a support ticket to let them know that your having streaming issues, and hopefully they will look into it.

          If you do come across any more information please reply back.


  • zxzx

    I really have bad experience…most of the time channels are offline…sometimes only sun tv and vijay is online…normally previous day telecast are shown… very bad service…

    • Anonymous

      They have been having some recent issues with uptime, they recently sent out an email to members requesting some time to fix the service interruptions.

  • Deivasenthil

    I believe only Vijay TV works well (US Version) and that too which can be viewed freely at Sun TV streaming is recorded prgms and streaming is fine .

    Rest of that channels like K TV , Raj Channels are always offline . some time isaiaruvi works .

    Not a best option

  • Rahul

    At this point looks like Watchsuntv subscription is a scam. Channels do not work most of the time. In last two months of subscription never have all channels worked at the same time. Most of the channels have been offline. Looks like this blog also have some contact with their management in promoting their crappy services to new subscribers…….

    • Anonymous


      I’m sorry about any issues you are having, but I have no affiliation with them at all. Just a regular user like you that mainly watches SunTV and VijayTV daily without any issues. I don’t watch much of the other channels, but this review was written a while ago and service has degraded since then, I do agree. If you are unhappy with the service, please contact their customer service or cancel the service.

  • Kewll

    Hi, Since watchsuntv does not provide VOD, I’m just wondering how the streaming occurs. Is it in the Indian timings? So if we need to watch a show happened at 9 PM IST, do we need to do that the next day morning like 9:30 AM CST, considering that I live in CST timezone.

    • Anonymous


      The broadcast are time shifted. So if you want to watch a show that airs at 9 PM IST, you would watch it at 9 PM CST local time.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Kewll

        Thank you Madhu..

  • Kaz

    I’ve linked my account to Roku, but im not able to play most of the channels like (sony tv, desi4u movies and others) .. Any idea how to make it work.

    • Anonymous


      You can view my post on how to link Roku to your account ( ) to make sure it’s linked correctly. Some programming is not available on the Roku device though, but they do update the Roku programming periodically. The service has also been having some buffer issues lately, so that could also be the reason.

      • Kaz

        Thanks for your quick response, actually i’ve tried the same steps, but still not able to watch about 8 channels on my roku device. are you guys having the same problem with (Sony, desi4u movies, TV ASia and others). I can watch those channels on my laptop without any issues, but they wont work on my roky device..

        • Anonymous


          Yea seems like those are not supported on the Roku unit yet. Which package do you have? Maybe one of the other readers might be able to help.

  • Venkat

    Hi Madhu , I live in the UAE and thinking of subscribing. Just would like to know if they are offering main Jaya TV (Not Jaya Plus or Jaya MAX etc.,) since it is not clear if this is available in their package. Also other than US Timing do they give option to choose watching the channels at any other time like IST?? One more thing I am not clear is, in the Rokuguide “watchsuntv” is not listed nor do they claim they are available in Roku (no reference in their website)!! but I am surprised that some of their channels are available in Roku…..

    Thanks for this blog – now I have a fair idea of the issues when we subscribe to watchSuntv !!

    • Venkat,

      Thanks for your message.

      Jaya main channel is not available.

      Yes many of the channels have multiple time zones to choose from, but mostly EST is available.

      Please refer to my post on How to link Roku to your account. There is a private channel setup process to add the channel to your Roku unit.


  • Hareesh187

    I have subscribed to watchsuntv and see the channels through Roku. Today all of a sudden I see a message saying “can not connect to video service” when I click on the watchsuntv icon on roku. Have anybody experienced this? Please let me know if you know how to get rid of this problem.

    • Vinod Vijayan

      I am also getting the same message…. I raised a ticket on Interestingly, if you login to their website, the video streaming is fine. So why is Roku not able to connect to watchsuntv video service? There’s another free app TamilIPTv on Roku, which works just fine.

      • Vinod,

        I am also able to view the streams through a browser (Firefox) Chrome does not work, but Roku connection is still an issue. Seems like there is a problem between connection to Roku’s servers, hopefully they fix this soon.

    • Hareesh187,

      All customers seem to be having this issue currently, have submitted a support ticket as well.

  • GRV

    Info to all…Kalignar ASIA and DD Pothigai were added to Roku Application “WatchSuntv”.

  • Mahi2345

    I have been using watchsuntv/roku since more than last six months. Today my watchsuntv channels all together stopped working. I see a message that asks for add or renewal of the subscription. When I checked my paypal account it showed that the monthly subscription amount was deducted from my credit card on April 1st, 2012. Have you guys experienced any of this kind issues? This sounds like a perfect scam or fraud. Any experiences? Does anyone knows a competitive website that offers same channels through Roku?

    • Mahi2345,

      Their service has been degrading over the last few months, and seems like it is getting worse. All services have issues but if they would atleast provide customer support to resolve these issues it wouldn’t be such a pain. Were you able to fix the issue?

      • Mahi2345

        Madhu, I created the ticket same daya stating problem and I copied details of the paypal transaction for the month. It was taken care by the customer support within 24 hours of ticket creation. That was good. Lets hope they continue improving their systems and services.

        • Mahi2345,

          That’s great too hear! I agree I hope they keep it up. Thanks for the update.

  • Krismala

    Hi Madhu,

    I had two packs tamil pack 1 and hindi pack 1. Apparently both got renewed and amount was dedcuted from Paypal account. But the Hindi pack is taken off my account when this subscription auto-renewal happened and now I have only the Tamil pack and I am deprived of Hindi service since 10 days even though I have paid. I have submitted a ticket in their support system, but it’s been 3 to 4 days and the ticket is still not assigned to an operator. What do we do with this kind of service? This is truly a denial of service

    • Krismala,

      You are the second person in the last 24 hours to report a similar issue. Just like the previous customer, seems like there is a bug in
      the renewal system. I am also having the same issue with customer support, no response even after weeks of waiting, but my problem isn’t related to the renewal service. After all these recent complaints, I have been thinking of revising my review of their service.

      Did you have any luck getting a response or fix of your issue?

    • Rajat


      Just checking if you were able to resolve this issue? I am facing the same issue and no one replied the ticket yet. It is a pity that they do not have a customer service and the ticketing system does not provied a method to interactively montior the status of issue.

  • Rajat

    I have been a subscriber of the Hindi Pack for the past one year, I know there are a lot of outages anytime of the year, and not all channels work always. Some of the outages last for more than a day.
    But now after I login I see a message that I do not have any active subscriptions. They have charged me the money 4 days ago and removed the subscription? I have created a ticket 3 days ago and no reply yet. There is no direct number to contact them and they do not reply to the tickets.

    I kindly request you to modify your review so that any new guys planning to get this service will know the exact condition of their service, as yours is the first review that pops-up when someone googles watchsuntv.

    • Rajat,

      Thank you for your experience with the service. I have also contacted the support team this week, after hearing from a subscriber that they were successful in receiving a reply. If I do not receive a reply in a timely manner, I will be updating my review.


      • Rajat

        Hi Madhu, Time and again same problem. My account was charged last week and now after I login I see the message “You do not have a subscription”. How can I not have a subscription after paying the money. Last month they took 1 week to resolve the issue and may be 1 week this time too. So in a given month, this service works only 3 weeks and within that it will not work lot of days. Going by their service I am thinking this service is illegal, I am not th kind of person who just cancels the service. I will raise an issue with paypal and check with the corresponding channels if this service is legal. My sincere request to you, please write these issues so that new customers will not go through the same issues.

        • Rajat,

          I don’t know what is going on with this service, it’s really been going down hill this whole year. Yea keep your PayPal dispute open and get a resolution using PayPal or it’s going to be a while before you hear back from these guys. I have been planning to update my post but just haven’t been able to get around to it. All the comments everyone leaves provides information for future subscribers so it is a valuable tool.

          Let us know how it turned out.

  • Raghunath Krishnan

    I agree with Rajat

    The helpdesk support defenitely needs a improvement. The response times are like 4 to 5 days. Most of the times, there is no response at all.

    Check this forum here on how many people have posted about the worst support? I could pity on the person who wrote that he is not able to watch channels on Friday and raised a ticket which is not even responded until next week and he has missed the programs in weekend, which is all the time we glue to the TV sets with our family,

    They renewed my subscription that was cancelled and refunded back 🙁 I have been writing to them on their gmail ids as well as the helpdesk and still no response for the refund

    There is no phone number nor proper support to the helpdesk tickets and also there is no street address of the company mentioned in the website.

    Do you think this kind of a service will work out?

    I checked the Whois of the site
    It says it is registered by some company in Scottsdale, Arizona, US.

    Is this a scam site?

    • Raghunath,

      Recently (6 months or so) this streaming service has gotten really bad at customer support and delivering the content itself. It used to be a reliable streaming service but it’s gone down hill this year, hopefully the service providers turn things around and soon.

  • GRV

    Now a days the WatchSuntv service is becoming very worst. Better unsubscribe from the service and look some good quality websites.

  • Raghunath Krishnan

    I don’t know if this is true, but I feel this is how it happens 🙂 I raised ticket in’s helpdesk and have contacted them through email. There is no response, but when I put a comment here in your blog regarding the same, I get a immediate response to my ticket 🙂 donno how the magic works, but it is true. thanks for blogging about this site

    I have been contacting them for a invalid renewal of $14.99 they made. After days of no response, I raised a dispute in Paypal. Immediately, they asked me to “please close the Paypal case first”(this is the way they responded to my ticket). So, I thought they will process the refund and so I closed the case in Paypal – Look at the trust I had with them

    But, it’s growing so WORSE that they haven’t responded to me back nor refunded back my amount.
    Not sure if this is the way they do their support. THIS IS WORSE THAN EVER. Sorry, I aam really frustrated with their support – irresponsive !!!!!!!!! It feels like they scam

    • Raghunath,

      I’m glad the site helped out one way or another. Not sure if the service provider actually even knows that I posted a review of the service, as they don’t even take the time to respond to customer service tickets, so I’m sure they don’t pay attention to some guys website posting.

      I have tried to contact them on numerous occasions and it’s been a hit or miss. I am tired of contacting them and will be updating my blog post soon, if I don’t hear back from them on my latest ticket that I have submitted. I am also looking for an alternative service.

      I understand your situation and frustration, nothing wrong with expressing it. Hopefully they do see our comments and make some changes soon!

      • Raghunath Krishnan

        Thanks Madhu,

        Finally I got my refund after I raised a dispute in Paypal about the unauthorized renewal. Paypal team has refunded the transaction back.

        I totally agree with you !! I would like to take this moment to thank you for your comments about the reality that has been happening with

        Thank you so much


        • Raghunath,

          Glad you got it solved! Good thing PayPal is the middle man or it would be very difficult to rely on the site operator to take care of the issue.
          Thanks for updating us.

  • Swapy

    I am a happy customer using this service for last 3 months. a real value for money I am paying.
    Cheers !!

    • Swapy,

      Thanks for your input.

      • Swapy

        Not sure what went wrong .. the day after my positive comment on this page, all Hindi channels started shutting down on by one .. today only Star Gold seems to be working fine.
        It seems that service works only some days instead of service unavailable some days. Looks like all other negative comment reviews which I see here and other sites turning out to be correct.
        No reply to my ticket as well. Now certainly this has put a question with me to renew my subscription next or not and its just 3 days my service has been renewed.

        • Swapy,

          Yea the service is a hit or miss, real sad, used to be a great service provider. Sorry to hear your difficulties with the service, hopefully they reply to your support ticket asap.

  • Magic123

    Does anyone know a good alternative hindi channel service? Watchsuntv looks like a big scam. They disconnected my service around 13-14th of this month although they were paid for this month through paypal. I have posted three tickets so far but they have not replied to anyone. It looks watchsuntv people like to get the subscription money but do not enjoy responding to tickets and solving customer issues. Please let me know if you know other good website for hindi channels. Go hell with WatchSunTv.

    • Genda

      Dishworld IP TV is really good, it has all the major hindi channels, Willow cricket and Ten cricket as well. Service is really good, not a single minute down time. Its bit expensive compared to watch sun tv but its worth it. I had been a watch sun tv customer for couple of years, the channels were down more than 50% of the time. The customer care is a joke, the help desk ticket would sit in “waiting to be assigned” for a week. Like someone pointed below, watch suntv boasts it has number of hindi channels but not all the channels work all the time and the service will be down for days.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience with us, I will have to give that service a try.


  • GRV

    One of the Worst IPTV Service in USA. Dear All, do not go for this service as their main motive is to earn money ONLY. Their service has worst quality of videos, buffering, sound, Display type, etc. No proper customer support if queries raised..So pls pls do not go for it…Looks like the package is good but you will get interrupted service 20 days in a month. Again seriously I am telling, their main motive is just to earn money through US people. Don’t go for it..!

  • Kvpras81

    WORST!! WORST!!WORST……service is all i can say about this watchsuntv service. You pay the money in advance and thats it game over. You are at their mercy..!!!! Its not even been a month and 95% of the channels does not work.Mail them –you will never gt a response in your liffetime… You want to call……?Bazinga!!! no call center…ALL NEW USERS PLS DONT GO FOR THIS SERVICE!!!!!!WORST WORST WORST!!!!!!!

    • Yes, I agree with you. Their service has been very unreliable this whole year. Customer service is non-existent. There have been many alternatives posted in the comment by other readers, hopefully people will have a better experience with those.

  • GRV

    Even I scolded them in the support ticket like anything..But they don’t have sense at all…Their entire motive is just to earn Money and not to provide quality service….Someone should ban this kind of service and should not advise others to go…lets assume minimum of 500 users are having tamilpack#3 with $20 dollars per month…So $10000 dollars is minimum guaranty for them whereas we pay Rs.200 in India for a cable tv connection..They just want to earn the money by fooling us…so please be clever and go for other networks like channel tv, tamiliptv, etc…atleast they have HD channels with recorded playbacks, etc…Also please note that except Sun network channels, these people are stealing the other TVs like Minall channels please be aware and spread the news…

  • Raghunath Krishnan

    To all those who feel the service of watchsuntv is a CRAP. I am with you !!!!! 🙂 Please show your feedback by marking these guys as abuse or just file a dispute/claim for the transaction they charged you. The more people filing claims or reporting business abuse on a merchant, Paypal will try to track down these guys and basically that is how you can stop them from being funded.

    From my side, I did it and Paypal did refund back by money by charging back watchsuntv.


  • GRV

    Thanks Raghunath. I did the dispute for September Month.

  • Rahul

    Wow that was nice to see that moderator does remove some of the complaints posted against watchsuntv from this blog. Good job moderator. Nice way to make money.

  • Preman

    I subscribed to watchsuntv on 14 Nov 2012 and since then, there is no end to my trouble. Immediately after subscribing, I could not login. Everytime, I get the message ” Authentication problem, please contact the Web Aminisrator”. I logged the problem with with the Support Centre, but it is a very painful experience. They fail to respond properly and does not solve anything. I paid for the subscription and got nothing in that I have not been able to see anything. I have been cheated. My advise is not to get cheated by this operator.

  • Bala

    Astreamweb is also a fraud service. Do not buy there. Also no money refund.
    its the same site yamsonline. When you write a email they dont write back. it will take 2 or 3 days for a reply.

  • Santhosh Samy is also not working for me. i have paid money but when i log in it doesnt show me any channels to watch. created 2 tickets and also contacted them on facebook. there is bno reply.

    can anyone sy something about that service ?

  • Anonymous Leader

    WATCHSUNTV is the most ridiculous service ever… Please do not subscribe this shit ever… You will not receive your money back even if they promise to do so. SO many cheating going on here where all your channels will not be accessible…and let’s say you are watching a movie… you will have to reload the page like a 100 times to stream it throughout the movie time… This is a worst service ever and please do not fall for this shit ever

  • Mani

    The service is very unreliable and the overall experience can vary
    from disappointing to frustrating. More often than not, WSTV/Roku has issues closer to the weekend when you
    are all set to watch a movie with
    your family!

    The times it works it is
    generally good. You have the convenience of watching it at home and choose from
    a wide range of genres and quite a good collection. Generally one should wait for a week or two
    before sitting down to watch any new movies.

    Also keep in mind that the
    listing of movies has no particular order and the search capability is flat out
    broken – so don’t use it! Setting it up is not that easy – you need to be
    computer savvy and have a lot of patience especially when things go wrong! Part
    of the problem is the information available on the internet is either outdated
    or flat out wrong. Lately they have been
    experiencing a lot of issues with Roku – so think before sinking your $$ on a
    Roku box.

    The bottom line is you never
    know when it will work and when it will not. If you are willing to
    pay $20-25 with the hope that you may be able to watch movies, then it is your
    cup of TV!

  • Vignesh

    Sucks big time. Its a rip off. I feel like breaking my tv. Even prayers and fasting will not stream this app well. To the admins : Do humanity a service by deactivating the app, do not steal peoples money.

  • nare

    Please do not subscribe. there service is very very poor and unscription you will not be able to do it few days before billing and the option will be taken out .. and they keep charging your credit card even after unscubscripion

  • Karan

    All started last night where I could stream almost every channel I got with WatchsunTV from Hindi to American ( I got the Hindi Package). Then all of a sudden, the app on my Roku just didn’t work anymore and I tried to go to the website but it kept saying Server Error. This morning I tried to sign in to watchsunTV app but it says I don’t have an existing. I tried to change my passcode and everything, but it says I don’t have an account and now I can’t sign in to the WatchSunTV app on my Roku. Whats going on?

  • SpeakOut

    WatchSunTV has been working well for be . Been using it since 2007 (10 yrs now) . The resolution quality and stability has improved a lot during the course of years. I use the KODI plugin on my Android TV and it works perfect. They also add a lot of additional HD movie stream channels which is a bonus. Their VOD is also regularly updated with latest movies. I am not sure about other languages , but as a Tamil subscriber , I do not have any reason to switch to a differenent service as of now.

    • Naveen B K

      Hi, can you please tell me which KODI plugin did you use see WatchSunTV?

      • SpeakOut

        It has been working until last month. Their KODI plugin is broken now. Their helpdesk is not responding. Thinking about cancelling.

  • Prashant Batra


    How can I cancel this service? Please suggest.