Many customers including myself have encountered very poor service from WatchSunTV.com during the past few months. Customer service has been non-existent and has not property satisfied anyones questions regarding, service interruptions, payment issues, etc.

This message is to alert any future customers that the current service is not desirable and to be cautious of signing up, if you still would like to become a member please choose the cheapest package to test the service out for yourself. This message will continue to appear until I receive satisfactory answers from customer service.

WatchSunTv.com is a IPTV service that streams Indian channels from multiple time zones to your browser or Roku device.  They offer various packages to suite your price range and viewing needs, and are one of the few Tamil channel providers that offer service to a Roku device.  In this review I will cover my experiences with quality, reliability, viewing options, content & pricing and overall service and support from this provider.


Viewing experience various depending on distance and compression just like any other video stream.  The closer you are the more pixelated the video looks, same goes with WatchSunTv.com, since it’s a IPTV broadcast the video stream is compressed to save on bandwidth, the pixelation is greater than what you would see if the broadcast was over cable or satellite tv.

If you are viewing the video right in front of you in a browser on your computer the video is going to seem mediocre.  The content is definitely viewable but keep in mind you will see the imperfections, pixelation and fuzz of a low bandwidth stream due to being so close to the screen.

If your setup consists of hooking up your computer to a TV like in a living room environment, where you would be sitting on the couch at least 6+ feet away from the TV, this would provide the best optimal viewing experience.  Due to the distance the imperfections, pixelation and fuzz of the video stream are drastically reduced and the video content looks crisp and sharp comparable to what you would expect from a cable or satellite feed.

Audio quality can be comparable to what you would expect from streaming music, it has enough to create a good listening experience but won’t win any awards from the audiophiles.

Below are multiple screenshots of what you can expect from the browser experience (click image to view full size).

WatchSunTV.com browser screening screenshot 1

WatchSunTV.com browser screening screenshot 2

WatchSunTV.com browser screening screenshot 3

WatchSunTV.com browser screening screenshot 4

WatchSunTV.com browser screening screenshot 5


I’ve been using WatchSunTV.com as my IPTV provider for about 3 years and overall I have been satisfied, the service has definitely gotten much more robust and reliable over the years.  Initially there was alot of skipping and service interruptions, but those issues have been resolved for the most part.  There are times when streams do skip but not for a very long period, you will see weeks of no service issues then you might experience a day or two where it’s just relentless skipping.  

Some of these issues could also be due to your own internet connection if you have alot of devices and individuals using internet bandwidth in your household there will be skipping in the video stream.  From my experience the video stream needs a constant 75-150 KB/s to provide a constant uninterrupted experience.

Viewing Options

Like the examples above you have multiple viewing options depending on what works for your viewing needs.  Any computer with a modern browser is enough to access and view WatchSunTv.com content.  My setup consists of a MediaCenter PC that is hooked up to my wall mounted LCD TV, this provides a great viewing experience from the comforts of the couch.  But since you can access the content from any browser enabled device, you can practically sit anywhere you have access to the internet (i.e. desktop computer, laptop, tablet) etc. 

Your other option is a Roku device that would connect to your TV and provide the remote controlled viewing experience.  Please keep in mind that not all channels available in the browser viewing option are available on the Roku device, some channels are not available at the moment but are being added slowly.  If you are interested in this approach you can view my related articles below :

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Content & Pricing (No Contract) 

  • Tamil Package A  ($9.99 /month) : Sun TV, Star Vijay (Vijay TV), News 9, Minnal TV Hits HD and Minnal TV Movies.
  • Tamil Package B  ($14.99 /month) : Star Vijay (Vijay TV), Minnal TV Hits HD, Minnal TV Movies, Minnal TV Kids, Isai Aruvi and Kalaignar TV.
  • Tamil Package C  ($19.99 /month) : Star Vijay (Vijay TV), Sun TV, Kalaignar TV, Isai Aruvi, Tamil One, Siripolli, Raj TV, Raj Musix, Makkal TV, Moon TV, Win TV, Polimer, Tamilan TV, News 9, Imayam, Seithigal, Channel Ufx, Minnal TV Cinema, Minnal TV Classic, Minnal TV Comedy, Minnal TV Hits HD, Minnal TV Music, Minnal TV Movies, Minnal TV Kids, Minnal TV Vellithirai and Minnal TV Vannathirai.
  • Hindi Package  ($12.99 /month) : 24×7 Live Star One, Star Plus, Zee Cinema, MTV India, TV Asia, NDTV 24×7, UTV Movies, NDTV Good Times, Sahara Filmy, Channel Ufx, Star Gold and Star News.
  • Asianet Package  ($14.99 /month) : 24×7 Live Asianet, Asianet Plus, Jeevan TV, Amrita TV, Surya TV, Gemini TV, Savarna News, Asianet News, Channel Ufx and People TV.

Membership payments are handled through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account to register.

The major channels are usually always online and work without issues (i.e Sun TV, Vijay TV) etc.  The less known channels like Minnal collection and others are a hit or miss, there is no garuntee that it will work.  So if you’re looking for the major networks for your viewing you shouldn’t have any issues but don’t count on the smaller channels to always be available.

Overall Service & Support

After roughly 3 years of being a customer at WatchSunTv.com, I am still continuing my membership because they provide the best overall channel selection to price comparison, as well as device compatibility.  There are a few times when service is interrupted which can happen to any service provider but all in all they have quenched my thirst for Indian channel content.

Customer support is a hit or miss, I have had to contact them a few times regarding service interruption or basic channel questions and never received a reply.  But when I did have an issue with my Roku device connecting to my account, I did receive a reply back in about 7 days after submittig a support ticket.  So they are monitoring their support tickets but just replying to specific questions.  So don’t count on fast and reliable customer support if there is an issue.

Due to a no contract membership you are free to cancel anytime and the cancellation process is very simple and can be done in your “my account” section on the website.  So give the service a try for yourself.

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