How-to install ram in a Toshiba Satellite U305 (S7446)

The cheapest and easiest way to increase performance in an older computer is to install more memory (ram).  For around $50 you can extend the life of your computer and the performance drastically, as well as save time when you don’t have to wait for the computer to load your content and programs.

This is a quick guide on how to install new ram into your Toshiba Satellite, but could also be used as a guide for ram installation into various PC laptops as they all have a similar approach.

Items purchased : 2 x Patriot 2GB PC2-5300 [ , , ]

Required Checklist 

  1. Philips or flat head screw driver
  2. RAM (find the appropriate type of ram for your laptop by checking the manufactures specifications, this model uses the ram listed above)

Step-by-step Instructions
(click on images to enlarge)

Locate the ram cover on the bottom of the laptop, there will be a small picture of a ram stick for easier identification :
Toshiba Satellite U305 Back
Remove ram cover screws :
Toshiba Satellite U305 Ram Cover Removal
Once the screws are removed lift up on the cover to remove it, this will reveal the ram modules, keep in mind you might have one or two ram modules depending on your stock system configuration :
Toshiba Satellite U305 Ram Cover Removed
Now locate the eject pins at the end of each ram module (one on each side of the module) and pull them away from the ram to release :
Toshiba Satellite U305 Ram Eject Pins
Once the eject pins have been released the ram modules will disengage and be at an angle for safe removal :
Toshiba Satellite U305 Ram Ejected
Remove the ram modules carefully and set aside and now you have two blank slots :
Toshiba Satellite U305 RAM Slots
Insert new ram module(s) in at an angle and push down until both sides of the pins lock into place, then repeat steps from above to install cover back on.
Toshiba Satellite U305 Ram Installation

That’s it, you’re done!  You can save the old ram or to subsidize the purchase of your new ram you can sell it on eBay or to a friend.

If you upgraded to 4GB or more you must have a 64bit operating system for the computer to recognize more then 3GB of ram. 

Images contributed by : Jonathan D’Souza