Check your Airtel balances with quick codes (ussd codes)

Enter the following codes as you would dial a phone number into your phone and hit dial, a sms like message will be returned with the requested information free of charge.

Below is the description of each code and the code you should use to retrieve the respective information.

Description Code
Balance & Validity *123#
Data *123*11#
SMS/Text *123*2#
Best Offers *121#
Local/National SMS Balance & Expiration *123*4#
STD Balance & Expiration *123*6#

A simple tip to make this easier in the future is to set a contact in your phone for example Airtel and save each of the necessary codes as a phone number like the example screenshot below.  So when you need to check a certain balance all you need to do is hit dial on the respective code/number.



  • Considering that Airtel does not publicise the codes enough, this is quite useful. The short code for data is *123*10# though

    • G,

      The listed data ussd code is what has worked for me, were you not able to get a result from the posted data ussd code?

      • pandhri

        wjay is code for blackberrey pack

        • Pandhri,

          I don’t know exactly, as I have never gotten that pack, but try these: *123*10# or *141*11*0# or *141*712*0#, let me know if any of them work.

          Madhu Chandrakumar

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          Mobile • 913.723.1514
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          • sam

            how to check daily message count ….. ???

            please let me know it……..!!!

          • balaji

            *125*4# is to check daily message count.

          • BALAJI


          • BALAJI

            please airtel lapu ussd recharge code

          • Chandra Jain

            To know the minute balance use code *123*5#

    • TheGlossy1

      *123*10# is the 2G code, *123*11# is the 3G code. I know because I just charged my phone with 3G for the first time today, I ran *123*10# and it said I had nothing on that code. So I found this site and it showed my new 3G balance!

      • Ananthakrishnan,

        Thanks for the tip, I will update my post.

        • sachin

          i recharge with some ammnt. but it is not displayed on screen what is code for it calling is continued it was a topup

  • ramkumar

    how to check airtel special balance

    • Ramkumar,

      I am not exactly sure what the codes are for checking special balance but try “*123*1#” and replace the ending 1 with 2 thru 10 and see if it displays the balance you are looking for, reply back if this helped.


      • prasanth

        *123*2# works for special balance. thank you 🙂

        • You’re welcome!

          • kavya

            *123*2# works for sms balance not for spl balence

          • Arjun Rashinkar


        • sachin

          this is for sms still stuck on the same place

  • karth

    *123*9# to check spl balance

  • shanto

    Thanks for the info

  • amb

    how to check the sms balance

    • helper


  • ramesh

    how to check own airtel mobile number

  • muthurasu

    how to check rate cut booster

  • muthurasu

    how to check airtel raete cut booster

  • muthurasu

    how to check airtel rate cut booster

  • Aamir

    thanks 4 the help 🙂

  • Rony

    how to check when the message pack gets over..

    • Varinder Sb


  • Niladri Hazra

    Special Tariff Validity code is *111#

  • Ram

    how to check the special balance



  • hrithk roshan

    how to check roaming validity in airtel?

  • bharat

    how to cheak minutes balance

  • prashant

    my airtel number is9935560917 which is lock how i manage this

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  • karan

    how to check the special balance

  • chenu agarwal

    what balance we check at *123*224# ?

  • Abhishek

    code for roaming validity?

  • Dev prajapati

    How to check 2g data balance

  • Murali Chidam

    airtel speical recharge balance checkup Code *121*333#

  • arun

    the above given code *123*2# is wrong

  • arun

    Hoe to check artl to artl sms bal plzzzz tell me

    • psk

      *202# for Booster Plane Expiry in Airtel Tamilnadu

  • Arun

    how to check left roaming pack

  • Rahul Parwat

    how to check romaning pack ????

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    How to check airtel balance from idea number

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    What is the code to know ratecutter

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    In airtel how to know that roming validity through ussd codes.

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    If i dont pay the bill of my airtel mobile(postpaid),is the network will be disconnected??i want to know this information… plz help me…

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